Livermore falls Holderness NH

Livermore now part of Holderness and Plymouth was once its own town. All that is left is the old foundations of factory buildings and a few brick structures and the truss el of a old bridge. On the Holderness side there is a parking lot. there is a short trail down to a beach area which is a popular spot to began a day of tubing down the Pemi river. There is also a trail through the woods that leads to the cliffs which is the main attraction. Although sings restricting jumping show up on any day and your guaranteed to run into a group of locals throwing themselves off the cliffs that very in size. There is also a fairly popular rope swing and one of the better ones i have seen in the area. Across the river on the Plymouth side there is a trail that leads to the rail road tracks and leads to a nice beach area that is on the top side of the falls while the cliffs lie on the lower end. This is generally a more family friendly spot.